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Do you use twitter? Would you like to have a newspaper look to your twitter feed? I have recently found an awesome service that takes some of the most popular tweets in your timeline and compiles all of the links, articles, pictures, videos and other items in a convenient newspaper like stream. It just makes it so easy to look at these items in an easy and natural way. Check it out. You can see my daily paper Matt Nall here.

Can Conflict Be Good For Your Business?

If you’re like me, you probably don’t enjoy conflict. I don’t know many people who do. In the business environment, however, conflict can be positive.

“Conflict builds good teams,” he said. “Companies that don’t discuss, that don’t fight–the bad stuff gets pushed under the rug, out into the hall. It creates trouble later on.”- Patrick Lencioni


Is Conflict Good For BusinessThe quote above comes from Patrick Lencioni and is a very true statement. We have to face and resolve issues when they [...]

WIIFM. Get It Right and Customers Will Buy

Data dumping or Feature dumping doesn’t answer the question we have discussed so many times, WIIFM (What’s In It For Me). Without the WIIFM answered the value of the product isn’t established. It doesn’t matter if you are selling bowling balls or gold bars, the customer needs to know how owning the product will affect them positively.


I have to give credit for this post to one of the trainers who had a big impact on my career. Lorin made it clear in his training that we needed to find out how our customers worked and about [...]

The Difference Between a Drop In Call and a Cold Call

Here is a nice follow-up to my previous post.  Gitomer is one of my favorite sales authors out there.  Here is a great little video that explains the difference between the drop in call and a cold call.  Enjoy.


Is Cold-Calling Dead? Should It Be?

The mere mention of cold calling often strikes fear into the hearts of grown manly men. What was once a staple in traditional B2B sales organizations is starting to go the way of the dodo bird. The question is, should it?

Cold-calling offers several advantages in certain industries. There are still industries that rely on the quick sale. Industries that you work with small business owners and show them a small item, product or service that will help improve that business. These types of sales often are very quick, and generally, are the first step in creating multiple buying opportunities [...]